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There are always plenty of good opportunities to change anybody’s situation. Whether you are in a good position or bad position there are always going to be good opportunities that you can act on. You just need to know where to look for them. When searching for the next good opportunity.


To The Next Level

The thought that enters into my head every now and then is how are people that I have met in the past doing today. People I went to middle school with up to people I’ve met within the past couple of years. Sometimes I either run into people in public or I hear about them from somewhere and reach out to them. Either way, I try to have a quick convo to see what people are up to nowadays. Sometimes they are doing really well in life and sometimes they are at their lowest point in life.

Whether you are doing good or bad, everyone is still looking for a way to get to the next level in life. Everyone I know always says they want to enhance their way of life. Sometimes it’s getting that promotion at work, or starting a new career, or even having enough money to live financially comfortable. Most of the time people have a plan on how they are going to do that, but somewhere in their plan is usually a flaw. This post is not for people who are not open to using different opportunities to get you to the next level of life. I am talking to the people who are open to new ideas and can take the information then process it and make a decision.



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Exploring The Next Opportunity

Since you have read this far, that means you want to know where to find a good opportunity. I will give you some places to look for your next opportunity. I know that everyone is on different paths of life’s so some places will work better than others. The next opportunity you should be looking for are the ones that you find interest in and can help enhance you to the next level of life. For most people, the opportunity they seek is usually financially beneficial. I am going to try and put this list in categories, so enjoy.

List 1:

  • This list is for people who are at their lowest point and don’t know where to go.
    When I thought of this list, I had in mind the people I’ve meet where they don’t have a job, getting ready to lose their job, or don’t have enough funds to pay bills.

    • Congregations: I think sometimes people need a shift in mindset so going to church and learning the word can definitely help. I am a Christian so I recommend hearing or reading the bible. So many answers in that book!
    • Job Fairs: Taking a trip to a job fair can truly be that eye-opening face to face experience to see opportunities and be able to talk to someone right then and there.
    • Craigslist: The online place where the whole state connects with each other nowadays. You can find different jobs, gigs, community events, and much more. Just be careful of posts that seem too good to be true or that look fake.
    • Job Classifieds- Lists of available positions in your area. Websites like Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter.

List 2:

  • This list is for people who don’t have a plan but know they want something better in life.
    For this list, I was thinking of the people who work normal jobs and living a consistent life and not sure where to take the next step.

    • Networking Events: I would recommend MeetUp. You can either use their app or website but you can see events that peak your interest.
    • Trade Shows: Usually a bunch of different tents where people get to show you their hobbies or passions and you can explore to see what you like.
    • Social Media: Use different platforms to network with others (preferably the experts). I have found lots of professionals online, so sometimes I send them questions about things that can help me out. Or join different Facebook groups.
    • Find a Mentor: Sometimes people have all the pieces to the puzzle but are trying to figure out a way to put it together. A mentor can keep pushing you to put together different parts of your life and desires to build an amazing picture.

List 3:

  • This list is for people who have a plan but could use more money.
    I have talked to people who are doing really good in life and know exactly where they are going. This list is for the people who are doing what they like but need the extra funds to get a little more extra in life.

    • Speak with a Financial Advisor: Look for someone with some experience and be open-minded to different ways to manage and invest money.
    • Start a home-based business: There are plenty of opportunities to start something that you can do part-time to make extra money.
    • Investing: So many different ways to have your money work for you. I have a few things in my investment portfolio because it’s good to have multiple streams of income.



Hopefully, you got something out of the list ways to find good opportunities. There are so many different ways you can go about looking for something that you can invest your time into. As times changes opportunities will come and go, so if a good opportunity comes up just do it. You never know where that next opportunity can come from.