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The banks near me have been around a super long time. Banking runs everything that goes on in today’s world. Learning the banking system should be essential for economies that use currency to obtain different goods and services.

If you live in any major country, billions if not trillions of dollars are moved around every day. This can include money that goes on your paycheck, money that sits in your bank account, or the money used to pay bills. Doesn’t matter what you think, the banks near me and everywhere else play a role in everyone’s life even if you don’t believe in bank accounts.

The fact that it does play a role in some way, you should have some basic understanding of how banks are run and how it can benefit you.

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The Big Banks

Banks have been around longer than anybody who is reading this post. In today’s day and age, pretty much most retail banks try to be a one-stop shop for most of your financial needs. You usually have access to services like checking and savings accounts, personal loans, debit cards, credits cards, and mortgages. Way back in the day, people would have to go to different facilities in order to receive different financial services.

Some banks near me do offer more services like brokerage accounts, retirement planning, and wealth management. With all of the different services, retail banks focus on providing services for an individual consumer. As we move towards the future we will start getting into more internet banking. Internet banking is where you can access all of the different services using websites and phone applications. Sometimes fees can be less because they have reduced physical bank expenses.

Understand The Banks Near Me

Now that you see the different ways how a bank near me can service you, let’s go over why you should care. These are some of the benefits you get from retail banking.


Direct deposit is one of the most top ways that employers pay their employees. This means you are allowing the company or organization you are working for to deposit money in your account for you. You no longer need to take the time off to head to the bank to do a deposit. At some companies, direct deposit is required and there are no other options to receive your paychecks. If you do have an employer that does give you a check still, it is convenient to have your own banking account so that you do not need to rely on family and friends to help you turn your check into cash. Try to also avoid using cash advance services for your checks because that means you are paying more fees to get the money that’s on your check.

Since this is the 21st century, cell phones have made it really easy to be able to check and manage your account without going to the banks. With your money being in a banking account, it no longer requires you to carry around a large amount of cash. Whenever I do need cash, I usually look up the banks near me that offer an ATM. You can simply carry around a debit card, which is sometimes easier to use at the store and different merchants. If you lose your debit card, you can call and cancel it before someone starts using. This can give you the peace of mind that your money is somewhere it is less likely to be stolen.


When you have your own banking account, you have access to that account whenever you need it. For some people, this is a good thing and for some this is bad. For budgeting purposes, you can do several different things. If you are good at managing your account, you can start doing pre-authorized payment planning. This means being able to programs payments to be made for you on a certain date every month. If you are not good with managing an account, most banks allow for a second trusted person to help manage the account.


When you start to have an understanding of how your bank account works, you can start using it as a tool to achieve financial freedom. You can start using your account to starting investing in different assets. You can use your money to start investing in a saving account. Different banks offer different interest rates and different minimums needed in the account. You can also start using your money to start investing in different financial markets. Big banks use different markets to earn money for people who use their services. This is also how banks are able to offer interest rates because they are using your money on the market and you have access to your shares right away because they banks carry a lot of capital. You can participate in some markets like stocks, binary options, forex trading, and mutual funds. Basically, you are allowing your money work for you because you can gain money overnight without much effort.


How I Manage My Assets

For me, I have separated my assets into different accounts. Here is how my assets are separated:

  • Bank 1
    Checking account- used to pay for more frequent purchases like food, gas, and snacks.
    Saving account- Used to make automatic payments for my car and anything related to my car.
    IRA account- Trade stocks for more long terms goals
  • Bank 2
    Checking account- used to pay all my other bills like cell phone, rent, utilities, etc.
  • Bank 3
    Saving account- used for actually saving money for the future or emergencies
  • Bank 4
    Trading account- used to do trading in the FOREX market

For all these accounts I take advantage of the automatic transfer tool that some accounts allow you to do. Basically, my paycheck is spread out thru 3 of the accounts automatically from the direct deposit that I set up. From there I set automation the transfer money to the other accounts. For example, when I get paid a certain percentage of my check gets deposited to my Wells Fargo checking account. Then I set an automatic transfer to my saving account for my car payments. The automation is done every time I get paid so I don’t have to worry about doing it every time I get that direct deposit.


If you want to learn more, I would recommend purchasing and reading one of my favorite personal finance books. Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. The knowledge and mindset that you get from this book are truly life-changing. Teaches you about acquiring and building assets that can be important for a financially successful future.










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I write this post to help people get an understanding of how to manage assets using bank accounts because no one really goes over this stuff in school. Yet this is used every day by everyone that plays a role in our economy. Hopefully, this has helped and now you can start getting an idea of how to manage your assets with the banks near me and you.