Hello, my name is Darius and it’s nice to meet you all. This is my first blog post ever! In this post I wanted to share who I am, why I started a blog, and what kind of topics I will be writing about. I am more of a math guy so please bare with me and my writing style but know I am genuine with everything I write.

With that being said, as of today I am a 22 year old who is motivated to live a life where I get to build it the way I want to and do only what I want to in life. What I want to do in life is become a successful business (Notice how I said I want to become a successful business). In the words of Jay Z, “I not a businessman, I am a business… man. I believe every action I make should build a net worth for my name and brand. I want a variety of different assets which include real estate, stocks, and actual businesses. With all of those running, I would delegate someone to help me run everything so I can have time for my real passion which is becoming a sound engineer. In my spare time I like to create music and record others then mix and master all the sounds to make amazing art. The reason I am building the different assets first is because sound equipment is super expensive to buy and to run yearly! I want to make sure I still have money coming in if I ever decide to lock myself in the studio for weeks at a time and just vibe out.

My education background is a couple years of college learning to become a sound engineer. Once I got towards the end of the 2 year program, I had to make a decision. With being a sound engineer that type of job is very exclusive if you live in Minnesota so you either move out of state for a better job or make enough money to build my own studio in Minnesota. So you can obviously tell what my decision was, so here I am writing to you what I have learned over the year of sales in several different industries.
I have been in sales for the last 8 years of my life. I have done everything from selling candy in front of different stores, door to door, retail, real estate, and now automotive sales. In my years of experience I have crossed path with so many different people who help me with my path to success. I have met really negative people and really positive people, the negative people have helped me more with the search of positive people because I know what negative looks like. Every action you make will be perceived in different ways by everyone around you and based off of that you can start make your observations.

One of the best skills I think everyone should have is a common ground for communication. Communications is when both parties can discuss different topics with an open mindset and understanding for each other whether or not you agree with the other person. Over the years I have learned to have an open way to how I conversate with someone so that I can understand them and they can understand me. With that there are a few things you need to start doing to improve your mindset in order to be able to do so. As you go thru my blog posts everything you read should help you create a better mindset for everyday life.

I am looking for people who fit my main goal for this blog. Basically, self-development for millennials using knowledge and stories to enhance actions for a strategically successful future. That’s right, this took me like a good 15 minutes to create that line. Truly I want to educate you on different topics including finances, self-development, different business topics, networking, and investing your money.

When I was in the first couple of stages of creating this blog, I wrote down the basics of how I want this blog to go. First of all the name, there is funny reason why I came up with the name. Back in my retails days I was pretty much the clown of the cell phone store I was working at. I pretty much was the goofiest sales rep you could work with. With some of my goofiness came some of my clumsiness which resulted in me doing quite of a bit of things that were pretty laughable. Like 1 day a customer called the store way after hours while we were closing and I decided to pick it up and said “Thank you for calling _________, unfortunately we are closed. To speak with rep about your account please press one. To hear details about your account please press two. (then they push a button). Unfortunately the number you have dialed is incorrect, goodbye.” This explanation would be way funnier if you heard the voice I used. But goofy shenanigans cause me to get the self created title DBD. Dont Be Darius. Now I was one of the top reps at this store so I still got the job done, I just had my own way of doing it. So when you hear about my blog my message is Dont Be Darius, be yourself. I want you guys to take the knowledge I give you and help create a better future for whatever it is YOU have planned.

To everyone who enjoyed reading this I advise you to stay in contact with me so I can make sure you have resources to enhance your actions for a strategically successful future. All I would need is basic info like your name and email. I am super excited to start this journey with you guys!

Thank you!

Darius Adams